Who We Are





Shri PS Rangasami, the founder of the group, is a master weaver with an unwavering passion for handlooms. He has diligently worked for half a century to preserve the art of handloom weaving.

The remarkable story of PSR Silks began with humble origins. The founders are deeply rooted in the centuries-old traditional weaving community, hailing from a small village near Coimbatore in Tamil Nadu. Their fervor to advance within the handloom textile industry propelled them onto an extraordinary journey towards success.

In the mid-1980s, the operations were shifted to Coimbatore to establish a wholesale and manufacturing business. PSR Silks introduced a unique and innovative design approach in their sarees, which captured the attention of top retailers across the nation. Over the subsequent 15 years, PSR Silks evolved into one of the most reputable saree manufacturers in the country.

The acclaim of being a premier manufacturer motivated PSR Silks to inaugurate their own retail showroom in the late 1990s, a vision that came to fruition in 2001. The first showroom of PSR Silks opened on Coimbatore's X Cut Road in 2001. Showcasing the finest designs and offering mesmerizing customer services, the showroom garnered the attention of shoppers seeking a grand shopping experience. This helped PSR Silks establish itself as a household name in Coimbatore. Soon, the wings of PSR Silks spread, leading to the opening of multiple branches across Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, and Pondicherry.

At PSR, innovation remains at the forefront. Our dedicated designing studio is staffed with skilled designers who create an array of unique, one-of-a-kind designs in kanjivarams. We value feedback and suggestions from our customers, which play an integral role in our growth.

To keep pace with the ever-evolving modern world and the advent of new technologies, PSR Silks also established its presence on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp, in addition to launching its website, www.psrsilks.com, for online shoppers.

Today, PSR Silks operates 15 branches across three Indian states, boasting a workforce of about 1000 employees dedicated to serving the cherished customers of PSR Silks. The greatest factor contributing to this growth is the quality of our products, diverse range, innovative design approach, and exceptional customer service. These elements have collectively enabled PSR Silks to maintain a distinct identity in the market.

"Our devoted customers are an integral part of our growth, and we hold that sentiment close."