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Guide to care your silk saree

by PSR SILKS 09 Aug 2023

Welcome to the world of elegant silk sarees, Silk sarees are admired for their dazzling beauty and cultural significance. The silk sarees are renowned for its glossy shimmery texture and soft lightweight fabric. Wearing a silk saree is about celebrating the culture, tradition and femininity. As proud owners of this exquisite fabric, it is very important you understand the how to care for your silk garment properly. In this blog, we will delve into the art of silk saree care, ensuring that they remain radiant and exquisite for the years to come.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover every aspect of silk saree care, from proper storage techniques to gentle washing methods, stain removal tips, and safe ironing practices. Whether you are an experienced silk saree connoisseur or a beginner looking to extend the lifespan of your precious garment, this guide is designed to provide you with the knowledge and confidence to care for your silk saree with utmost love and attention.

TIP 1-

It is important to care for your silk saree for its longevity and sheen, for that firstly, cover your silk saree with a cotton cloth. Covering your silk saree with cotton is an effective way to protect you silk saree and preserve its quality. Silk is a natural fiber that requires adequate airflow to maintain its integrity, by using a cotton cloth as a cover you allow the fabric to breathe, ensuring proper air circulation around the saree. The breathable nature of cotton helps in maintaining the optimal moisture levels, preventing the formation of dampness and protecting the silk from potential damage. When covering your silk saree with cotton, ensure that the cotton cloth is clean and free from any dirt or debris that could transfer onto the silk.

Incorporating a cotton cloth as a protective cover for your silk saree is a valuable step towards preserving its timeless beauty and delicate craftsmanship. By shielding your saree from dust, moisture, sunlight, and potential snags, the cotton cloth ensures its longevity and minimizes the need for frequent cleaning. Embrace this simple yet effective practice to maintain the splendor of your silk saree, allowing it to be cherished and passed down through generations while retaining its original elegance.

Secondly, Silk sarees require special attention when it comes to washing. Here are some tips to ensure your saree remains unharmed during the cleaning process, Drying cleaning silk sarees is a safe and effective way to maintain their beauty and longevity without risking damage to the delicate fabric. Dry cleaning helps to preserve the quality of silk sarees by using specialized cleaning techniques. By dry cleaning you can save time and effort while ensuring that your precious silk garment receives the specialized care it deserves.

Thirdly, for the care for your silk saree it is important to remember to avoid wringing or twisting the fabric Wringing or twisting a silk saree can lead to stretching, resulting in a loss of the saree's original shape and fit. The delicate pleats, intricate designs, and graceful drape that define a silk saree can be compromised if the fabric is subjected to unnecessary strain. By handling the saree with care and avoiding any twisting or wringing actions, you can retain the softness and smoothness of the silk, enhancing the overall tactile experience of wearing the saree.


No one likes stain and especially when it is on your favorite garment. No matter how careful we are, dirt stains always find their way onto our clothes. But fear not! We got you; here we are going to give you few tips to save your precious silk saree from any stain or any mishaps. Dealing with dirt stains on delicate silk fabric requires gentle yet effective cleaning methods and here are few tips to care your favorite silk saree with no worries, Apply mild detergents specifically formulated for delicate fabrics with cold water. Create a soapy solution by stirring the detergent into the water to apply and wash off the stain. Dry cleaning silk sarees is a recommended method for removing stains; Dry cleaning helps preserve the color and texture of silk sarees.

Silk sarees are known for their beauty, elegance, and delicate nature. Silk sarees are to be given utmost care. To maintain the sarees beauty the silk saree owner should avoid Brushing or lashing a silk saree as it can potentially damage or tear the delicate fabric. To maintaining the beauty and integrity of your silk sarees handle the saree gently and avoiding brushing or lashing so you can enjoy their elegance for years to come.

The next thing a silk saree owner should avoid is to bundle a wet silk saree or keep it wet for an extended period of time. Wet silk is more susceptible to damage and can develop mildew or mold if not dried properly. After washing a silk saree gently squeeze out the excess water, absorb more moisture from the saree with dry towel, air dry the saree but not directly under the sunlight, ensure they are completely dry before storing them, This will help maintain their quality and prevent any potential damage to the fabric.

TIP 3-

Silk saree is delicate in nature due to its fine and thin silk fibers; we need to handle a silk garment gently with care. While you wash a silk saree it has to be washed with care, like washing the pallu, border and body separately. By doing this you can provide individual care and attention to each section. By doing this you can prevent color bleeding, protecting delicate embellishments, addressing specific cleaning needs, preventing uneven wear and tear, and maintaining overall aesthetics, you can ensure that your silk saree remains a timeless symbol of grace and tradition. The important thing to remember while washing a silk saree is to avoid washing a silk saree with bright-colored materials, it is essential to protect against color bleeding, maintain color vibrancy, preserve delicate embellishments, prevent uneven color distribution, and avoid overall fabric damage.

Drying a silk saree requires a gentle approach to preserve its delicate fabric and intricate design. The drying process is as important as the washing process, like rolling a towel with the saree inside, this will help absorb moisture from the fabric. Gently press along the rolled towel to encourage absorption. Never try to dry your silk saree in direct sunlight or high temperatures as it can lead to color fading, fiber damage, or shrinkage. Let the silk saree air dry in a well-ventilated area with mild temperature to speed up the drying process and prevents any lingering moisture or musty odors.

Properly drying your silk saree is crucial for maintaining its quality and appearance. By following these gentle and careful steps, you can ensure that your saree dries without losing its shape, color, or intricacies. Remember to handle the fabric with care, avoid direct sunlight and heat sources, and allow sufficient airflow for natural drying. With proper drying techniques, your silk saree will continue to radiate its elegance and grace for years to come.

TIP 4-

Everybody wants chic look while wearing a silk saree, hence to look fabulous in a silk saree a proper ironing techniques is crucial. Ironing silk saree requires a delicate touch and attention to detail to preserve the fabric's integrity, like placing a thin pressing cloth between the iron and the saree, This prevents direct contact and distributes the heat more evenly and always set your iron to a low or silk-specific heat setting. . It's better to start with a lower heat and gradually increase if necessary, silk is a delicate fabric that can easily be damaged by excessive heat. With proper ironing, your silk saree will always radiate its inherent beauty, allowing you to embrace the grace and charm of this cherished garment.

To maintain silk sarees beauty and longevity, you have to importantly remember to keep silk sarees away from sharp objects to prevent snags, tears, damage to embellishments, color transfer, and personal injury. Silk sarees have delicate fibers that can easily catch on sharp objects, therefore gentle handling and care is very important for silk saree. Like sharp objects, silk saree should also be kept away from liquids such as perfume. Perfumes often contain alcohol, oils, and other ingredients that can leave stains or cause discoloration on delicate fabrics like silk. Instead of spraying perfumes directly on the silk saree, consider applying them to your skin or clothing before wearing the saree. This way, you can enjoy your favorite scents while keeping your silk saree free from potential stains. By treating your silk saree with care and keeping it away from harsh substances, you can ensure that it remains a cherished and beautiful garment for years to come.

Let us celebrate the elegance and heritage of silk sarees by providing them with the care and attention they want.

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