Akshara Suresh Bhat

Adorning our Bridal Edit with our beautiful bride Akshara Suresh Bhat

She quoted that

"Distance gives us reason to love harder"

in which she narrated her love tale. Akshara and Mahesh met each other at a family wedding in 2018, they liked each other and their parents made it happen. Akshara was so happy seeing her parents boundless excitement about this wedding.


Akshara and Mahesh spent less than a week together before they said "yes" to each other. She described, he is the most nicest person ever met. They lived in two different continents with different time zones. But, everyday they were able to see their love growing. They did everything to keep each other happy. 13000 miles did not stop them from loving each other, and they couldn't believe they made it for a year. As months passed by, they were excited to face each other and talk in person. She stated that, it was a beautiful feeling. After a year of a long distance "THEY ARE HAPPILEY MARRIED".


According to Akshara, showing and giving each other time and love was a key to their relationship. She says,

"I am so grateful to have a such an amazing person as my husband"


A big thanks to Akshara for choosing PSR Silks on your big day. We wish you both lots of happiness, love and togetherness.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful wedding story.